Donations are beginning to arrive at the CTC headquarters in Las Tunas.

The trade union movement in Las Tunas expresses the willingness of its affiliates to provide the support required by the western province of Pinar del Río after the passage of devastating Hurricane Ian, an expression of the values of unity and solidarity that characterize the Cuban working class.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Odalis Batista Pérez, secretary-general of the Central Union of Cuban Workers (CTC) in this eastern territory, affirmed that they will be attentive to any request for help from their brothers from Pinar del Río to assist them in the rapid recovery of the damage caused by the powerful meteor in all the spheres of the economy and society.

The labor organization will promote among labor groups the preparation of shipments with various items that help alleviate the difficult situation that people face after a scourge of this nature. She showed her confidence that moved by that feeling of altruism that is part of the idiosyncrasy of Cubans, citizens will contribute what they can, and donations will not be lacking.

Las Tunas trade union movement expressed solidarity with victims of Hurricane Ian

Workers in the electricity sector formed a contingent with specialists in different activities that are ready to go to the affected sites if the entity's national leadership indicates so, confirmed Alejandro Desdín Hidalgo, general secretary of the Trade Union Bureau of the Electric Company.

There are also solidarity expressions from builders, farmers, communicators...; men and women who know and sympathize with the pain, willing to contribute to the return to normality in all the areas affected by the hydrometeorological phenomenon that during the early hours and morning of September 27 kept all of Cuba alert, some due to the real threat of the hurricane and others in an act of solidarity.

Electricity workers with the will and skills to face damages caused by natural phenomena.