"With love and affection, everything can be achieved," that is the guiding motto for Dania Rondón Báez, an integral manager at the Tunas 1 Post Office. Her job category allows her to perform any function within the entity, but she confesses that she prefers the direct contact with the public. Twenty years are not enough and each intense day, each client, is worth a new story with which to smile.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- “My place is at the window, the store, and the post office, which is the place where we manage letters and small parcels. The explanation for such movement is that we make rotations.”

In the era of digitalization, more and more inhabitants emigrate towards means that give greater immediacy to communication; this implies, for the Cuban Post Office workers, the need to reinvent themselves. The company must be able to dialogue with current times and, incidentally, sustain its more traditional services with a contemporary look.

“Our job is to convince customers of the viability of each service. Some users come up to three times a week to send letters; we already recognize them. Also, the correspondence between work centers, money orders, and telegrams are processes that have been renewed. However, as years go by, receiving a digital message will never be the same as receiving a letter and reading what the other person wrote in their own handwriting; that has its magic.”

She highlights the human value of a task like hers, in constant interaction with people; knowing, even the services preferred by those who come to the entity frequently. “Someone o may not feel comfortable with that popular friction; for me, it is essential; clients identify me on the street and although I cannot recognize them all, I know why they do it.”

With special emotion, she remembers a satisfied man who wrote to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper to narrate his experience when being attended by her. "I would not know how to recognize his face but his gesture represented a lot for me."

When talking about the sensitivity that her work entails, she affirms that throughout her career she has met colleagues who made mistakes of that nature in their positions. "I always try to instill in my colleagues the dignity with which one should work."

The Company, despite the difficulties it faces, intends to do better every day, as stated in the Tunas 1 office. With regard to the recently celebrated World Post Day, many reasons emerge to meet a person like Dania, who puts passion into what she does so that correspondence continues to shorten all kinds of distance.