More electricity workers traveled to Pinar del Río.

The workers of the electricity sector in Las Tunas reinforce their presence in Minas de Matahambre, Pinar del Río, where they contribute to restoring that service, seriously affected by the ravages of the powerful hurricane Ian, on September 27.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Two new linemen brigades from the municipalities of Las Tunas and “Amancio,” left earlier this week, who will add new energies to the Vicente García Contingent, composed now of 76 members.

Alejandro Desdín Hidalgo, secretary-general of the extraterritorial Union Bureau of the Power Company, exalted the commitment of that force to the fastest recovery of the damage caused by the meteor in the westernmost Cuban province.

The young union leader recalled that this avant-garde detachment went to Minas de Matahambre after fulfilling its mission in Havana, with the same spirit of work and decision.

Several of the members of the Contingent post on social media about the titanic tasks they develop, imbued with the desire to contribute to return “the light” to those affected, in the shortest possible time.

They also reflect the gratitude of the neighbors and the help they provide as samples of recognition for their help in one of the most remote places of Pinar del Río geography; new environment for some of them because of its topography, but they will be there until fulfilling the laudable effort, as a sign that the Revolution does not leave any of their children.

More electricity workers traveled to Pinar del Río.

The authorities in Las Tunas follow up, step by step, the development of the work. The member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, René Pérez Gallego, said on Facebook: "There are no names, only hearts beating to bring light to the homes. These images are the sample of the effort and delivery of the electric workers from Las Tunas in the tasks of recovering the effects in the capital.”

It was so in Havana and it is so in Pinar del Río, as evidenced by the post by Irma Adelaida Apiau González, the director of International Relations and Institutional Communication of the provincial government in Las Tunas, which reviews the exchange of the Minister of Energy and Mines, Liván Arronte Cruz, with members of the Las Tunas contingent in Lomas de Pons, where they are working to restore the circuit that feeds the main pumping system of that Pinar del Río municipality.

Meanwhile, Jesser Ramos Santiesteban writes on his Facebook wall: "Victorious Sunday in the contingent of electricity workers in Minas de Matahambre... 15 transformers with electrical service... mission accomplished... commitment unites us."

Electric workers from Las Tunas, like all their colleagues in the country, are writing a beautiful page of heroism, solidarity, and humanism on the sites damaged by the weather event. All together are building a true labor feat.