Banking worker Aurora María Díaz.

Aurora María Díaz Pérez has worked 40 years in the banking sector, 21 of them as an IT security specialist in the Provincial Directorate of the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC), in Las Tunas.

- Could you tell us about your beginnings in BANDEC?

"I started working very young, as an operator, I was a medium technician and I continue studying until I graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance; I worked in several positions, which allowed me to increase my knowledge and contribute to the improvement of many of my colleagues."

"I was also an analyzer in the credits section, then I worked as a permanent auditor for some years. Another very important stage in my working life was the work in the department of Human Resources, which I like very much. From there, I passed to my current job as a specialist in IT security, in which I have remained for 21 years."

- What do you feel after staying for 40 years in the same workplace?

"Very good, as in my house, because bank workers are a family; we support each other, one’s problem is everyone's problem. I have experienced hard moments in my life and my colleagues have always been close to me, accompanying me, giving me their support."

- How has your family contributed to your professional realization?

"The family is very important to me. I have a daughter, she is a doctor and grew up in the bank; although she is not now in Cuba, she always remains aware of my work and my colleagues. My mother is the fundamental pillar of my life; she instilled in us a love for family and work, and taught us to be punctual, to be good workers.”

"I have one brother and nephews, always willing to help me. I cannot walk much about health problems and there is always someone to take me and pick me up at work because they know how important it is for me."

Banking workers like Aurora María Díaz Pérez are examples of dedication and a sense of belonging, who this October 13 celebrate their National Day and the 62nd anniversary of the nationalization of the bank in Cuba.