Las Tunas Provincial Commission for Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security

Achieving that each person has access to a diverse, balanced, and healthy diet is the main purpose of the Provincial Commission for Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security, established in Las Tunas.

Governor Jaime Chiang, coordinator of the CommissionLas Tunas, Cuba.- "It is - the coordinator of the group and governor Jaime Chiang Vega said - an enormous challenge that we must assume, to achieve the satisfaction of the needs of the people and the sustainability of human nutrition, with the standards established at the international level."

“Some Las Tunas communities have already reached results in the self-sufficiency of grains, fruits, root and green vegetables, and it is intended to add to other settlements. One of the ideas is to produce more of a certain product to exchange for different lines with other areas."

The formalization of this work team, made up of 33 people that will meet quarterly, is an important step after the recent entry into force of Law 148, Law on Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security.

The creation of this body will contribute to the transformation of management in the entities responsible for producing food for the people and to promote initiatives from both, the private and state sectors; including alternative poultry farming -to obtain eggs- and family aquaculture.

Besides, it entails actions from the banking sector that promote agriculture and livestock, favor the commercialization of agricultural products, and is linked to the local development strategy while promoting the use of patios, plots, and all available spaces.

In the national commission for Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security, Las Tunas is represented by the head of the provincial group of the Urban, Suburban, and Family Agriculture Movement, the delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture in the municipality of Amancio, and the director of the Municipal University Center of Manatí.