The Housing Program has debts in Las Tunas

At the end of 2022, Las Tunas had a housing fund of 187,49 houses, a figure that many would see as a territory that has no shortages in this regard, in which there is little to do.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In 2023, the challenges continue. The municipalities of Jobabo and Majibacoa are the ones with the worst conditions in this regard, and the ones that receive a large amount of the resources destined for construction that reach the territory to improve this situation.

"Jobabo fulfilled the housing plan in February, but our priority at this time is to provide it with resources so that it can improve the houses that require rehabilitation," Héctor Rodríguez Espinosa, director of the Provincial Housing Directorate, said.

In the same way, work is being done in the provincial capital to carry out all the construction works of high relevance in the Housing Program.

"To carry out these actions, state micro-brigades were created in companies Metal Structures (METUNAS), Stainless-Steel (ACINOX), and Collection, with the capacity to meet the needs of their workers and contribute to the most vulnerable cases in each municipality," the director said.

This year, it is expected to complete all the partial collapses and continue developing alternative roofs, including vault roofs, which are solid and help reduce the use of some materials like cement and steel.

Manuel Pérez Gallego, a member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in Las Tunas, said to the executives involved in these tasks. "To carry out what is proposed, we must start from a diagnosis of the needs of the territory and the production plans of the construction materials, which must meet this demand. This is one of the greatest challenges facing the province today."