Provincial Council of the People's Power in Las Tunas

The plan for the economy of the province of Las Tunas in 2024 is a challenge for the sectors of society but, above all, commerce, which has a fundamental weight in the aspirations of the territory.

The four billion 412 million pesos foreseen for the coming period represents an increase of 14.3 percent respecting the estimate and 5.2 percent more than the current year.

In discussing this matter, the Provincial Council of People's Power insisted on the responsibility of the Commerce sector, which has the determining weight in net sales, an indicator that influences the feeding of the citizens, given that it is necessary to change the mentality and put into practice an innovative work system in search of the goal.

Of the 3,551 million pesos contemplated in the sales plan of all the entities of the local body of the People's Power, 89.6 percent corresponds to the commerce and gastronomy sector, with more than three thousand 180 million.

In this sense, Las Tunas governor Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega analyzed everything that needs to be done to achieve the proposed goals and assured that the commerce sector must completely change its way of approaching its management, depending on what it must achieve next year.

"The system of work takes preparation, and it is necessary to incorporate all the energy and commitment to achieve different indicators because if we keep the same system of this 2023, it is a failure and we will not achieve anything. And above all, we have to increase sales levels," he said.

"The efficiency indicators of trade are weighed down by a group of notable shortcomings, and the first and most directly affecting the population is that all these inefficiencies in the sector are being charged to the price," said the Governor.

By 2024, profits of 136 million pesos are expected, which are based on the real costs of raw materials and goods for sale besides the actions developed to reduce the companies with losses, it was learned at the Provincial Council of People's Power.