The cold planting season 2023 has begun in Las Tunas

Some 25,467 hectares will be planted in the province of Las Tunas during the current cold planting campaign, and just over half of this area will be used to grow different varieties of plantain, cassava, and sweet potato.

Reynaldo Frank Brito PérezLas Tunas, Cuba.- Reynaldo Frank Brito Pérez reported this, sub-delegate for miscellaneous crops in the territorial delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, who said that this would be an important event because, for the first time, this stage was designed taking into account the Law on Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security.

He recalled that this period is decisive for the production of a large part of the food that will be harvested in 2024, and pointed out that this time the areas of the agricultural sector, Azcuba, and organizations that received land in usufruct and have it ready were considered.

Brito Pérez explained that at present there is a very complex situation with fuel for the plowing of the land and other activities, which is why part of the work is planned to be carried out using animal traction. He added that there are also difficulties with the rest of the inputs.

He said that organic fertilizers and earthworm humus will be used, and for crop protection, only biological means are available from the Entomophagous and Entomopathogen Reproduction Centers, in addition to the alternatives that the farmers are applying with great skill.

As for the recently concluded spring planting campaign, the official pointed out that the municipalities of Jobabo, Manatí, and Amancio did not comply. Nevertheless, the plan was fulfilled and according to preliminary data, some 400 hectares were planted over what was planned.

This was made possible by the rainfall in June, which benefited the entire territory, especially the municipalities of Puerto Padre and Jesús Menéndez, which had the greatest impact on the two agricultural campaigns due to the number of areas dedicated to various crops.

The cold planting season 2023 has begun in Las Tunas

In general terms, for this cold season, the fundamental factors are the soil and the farmers, who are responsible for their mission to produce food. There is also the willingness of different sectors to mobilize to the sowing areas.

This was the case throughout the territory, except in Puerto Padre, where the humidity of the soil prevented the work. The member of the Party's Central Committee and first secretary in Las Tunas, Manuel Pérez Gallego, and the governor Jaime Chiang Vega arrived in this municipality to see a sample of the available machinery, exchange with producers and learn about their commitments.