Provincial Agroecology, Science, and Technology Event in Las Tunas

"Sustainable agricultural and livestock farming experiences on the El Placer farm" was one of the prize-winning presentations at the provincial agroecology, science, and technology event in Las Tunas, in which food producers from all over the territory took part.

Las Tunas, Cuba - This enclave, located in the northern municipality of Jesús Menéndez, stands out for the protection of the environment, the variety of food produced there, the integrated management of various crops, food for animals and a genetic reserve in a natural ecosystem.

Provincial Agroecology, Science, and Technology Event in Las TunasAlso recognized were "The integration of science and technology on a farm, with the use of local resources" and "The contribution of rural women to environmental protection through handicrafts," from Manatí and Jobabo, respectively.

In addition to this research, other common practices in the cooperative and peasant sector in Las Tunas were presented, implemented over the years by different generations, and rescued today, to alleviate the lack of numerous material resources.

Among them are the feeding of pigs with protein plants, the design of agricultural implements for animal traction, the application of organic material in the cultivation of Persian lemons, and the role of peasant and indigenous family farming in food sovereignty and rural development.

Special attention was given to presentations on the control of moths and other insects affecting maize and the reduction of pests and diseases through the use of cardona (false cactus) in the sowing of various crops.

The meeting summarized a movement carried out in all the agricultural production, credit, and service cooperatives and is part of the activities carried out in the province to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Peasant Congress in Arms and the 26th birthday of the From Farmer to Farmer Agroecological Movement.

Provincial Agroecology, Science, and Technology Event in Las Tunas