Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, provincial governor, presented the report to the Parliament.

The National Assembly of the People's Power approved the accountability report of the government of this eastern Cuban province before the legislature, presented by Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, provincial governor, although he made several points that require urgent attention by local authorities and the central state administration.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- "Given the complexities and difficulties detected, a greater articulation of the system of People's Power is required," concluded the report presented by Carlos Rafael Fuentes León, vice-president of the Cuban Parliament's Commission for Attention to Local Bodies of the People's Power.

In this regard, several of the deputies elected for this eastern territory expressed their determination to comply with the indications contained in the text.
After listening to the report presented by Chiang Vega, Fuentes León explained that the aforementioned Commission had had extensive contacts with citizens, as well as with businesspersons, government officials, and representatives of civil society. Following these exchanges, the body warned that Las Tunas has not been able to honor its sales commitments for the export of goods and services; and still records losses to 23 of its business entities, two of which are of national subordination and 11 of local subordination, amounting to 370 million pesos.

He said the infant mortality rate by 2023 would be higher than that recorded in 2022; while "the occupational rate of maternal households is still unfavorable and teenage pregnancy is a problem in the province."

"In food production, he pointed out, Las Tunas does not comply with the area balances foreseen for food crops". Meanwhile, he said, more than 46,000 hectares of land remain idle. "The recovery of sugar cane production, he said, shows no progress, and high levels of empty areas predominate. Nor, he warned, would this eastern territory be able to realize its housing completion plan for the current year, since at the end of October it had only completed 59 percent of it. At the same time, he pointed out, that the eradication of dirt floors is another of the programs with delays here.

Carlos Rafael Fuentes León revealed that in the Land of Vicente García during 2023, eight acts of corruption were detected, a figure similar to that seen in the previous year; of which, he detailed, three affected the gastronomy sector, a couple in Commerce and three in the food industry.


In its conclusions, the Commission for Attention to Local Bodies of People's Power of the National Assembly of People's Power recommended that Tunisian government authorities "work on updating municipal development strategies, taking into account the issue of increasing contributions to the state budget as the main indicator for reducing the fiscal deficit". It also instructed them to "advance in the rationalization of spending, achieving greater efficiency in economic contracting; intensify price control actions; and increase those that guarantee progress in the process of perfecting retail trade."

Likewise, the Cuban Parliament considered that the Balcony of Eastern Cuba should be strengthened as a tourist destination based on its identity attractions; and continue to improve its state enterprises and their relationship with other economic actors. In addition, "to improve the articulation of the different factors that affect the use of endogenous resources, the quality of life of the population and the use of renewable energy sources."

According to the report, it will be the task of the Governorate to continue to improve the use of science in research projects and the structuring of the training of its human capital.

The Parliamentary Commission was clear in its indication that Las Tunas should continue to pay differentiated attention to crops that ensure its municipal self-sufficiency program. It will have to do something similar to boost its sugar production. Likewise, he considered that this province has to take better care of its food supply through popular gastronomy; of the pending problems in the Family Doctor and Nurse and the mother and child programs.

The indications issued by the Legislative of this Archipelago to this eastern territory were also emphatic in that it must "work to fulfill the housing program, emphasizing the completion of the approved subsidies and the elimination of dirt floors."

It will also have to "draw up a program that allows for the constructive recovery of educational centers, the university and municipal university centers that require it; maintain a systematic follow-up of the improvement of prevention and social care tasks", especially for people and families in situations of vulnerability.

The Parliamentary Commission left no room for doubt when it stated that Las Tunas has to "eliminate the insufficiencies that persist in the attention of the administrative entities to the proposals that the voters formulate to their delegates". At the same time "to interest the organisms of the central state administration in what corresponds to them, so that they pay differentiated attention to the province on accumulated complex problems that provoke dissatisfaction among the population."