The Guayabal Fishing base business unit has projects for increase exports

The presence of the COVID-19 in the country has impacted many of the plans and projects envisioned to boost the nation's economy. 

"Amancio," Las Tunas.- The municipality of Amancio drew up large projections taking into account its exportable items, which were also affected. This is how Magdey Martínez Reyman, the coordinator of Objectives and Programs that attends the economic sphere, refers to it.

"Amancio" has among its exportable items the rum produced by the Sevilla factory, which belongs to the Sugar Agribusiness Services Company (EsAzucar); to which is added the export of honey, a task that is met at 58.4 percent, along with its derivatives such as wax and propolis.

He also made reference to the behavior of the production and commercialization of charcoal, under the management of the Flora and Fauna base business unit that is reporting a slight delay due to fuel deficit.

Martínez Reyman also said that the Guayabal Fishing base business unit has its projections to promote foreign trade, exporting frozen fish in August with the prospect of achieving other exports from the capture of elver, the fry of the eel.

Cuba today needs the willingness and initiative of those who work daily for the development of its economy, sure that with everyone's effort, it can be done.