Cuban Red Cross in Las Tunas

More than 2,300 people appear as volunteers of the Cuban Red Cross in Las Tunas, a society that during the confrontation with the new coronavirus has mobilized around 300 of its members at border control points, isolation centers and care for the elderly. 

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This was confirmed to the Cuban News Agency by Michel Flaniguin Carralero, head of Operations and Relief of the provincial branch, who explained that regarding the epidemiological contingency caused by COVID-19, the Red Cross has worked in constant coordination with the Government, Public Health and the community groups of the Defense Councils.

Cuban Red Cross in Las Tunas“Vulnerabilities have been identified in elderly people who live alone or with disabilities, which is why our volunteers assist more than a hundred inhabitants who need to receive their medicines, food and payment of pensions,” he said.

Flaniguin Carralero also expressed that another of the Red Cross work fronts, the reestablishment of family contacts and search, remains active in other tasks such as disinfection, epidemiological control at border points, support in isolation centers, the delivery of the medical reports of patients for relatives and in the dissemination of sanitary hygiene measures.

Similarly, and in accordance with the problems caused by the incidence of a disease like this, worldwide, there are five volunteers providing psychological help services at the Mental Health Center of this eastern territory.

On community education and management for disaster risk reduction, he added, the Red Cross managed to train more than 3,700 people through 87 talks in vulnerable communities, as well as more than 1,400 workers from different companies and organizations regarding the need to raise the perception of risk and control the causes and consequences and of COVID-19 to the maximum.

The aquatic security personnel (lifeguards) were mobilized from the Primary Health Care in each of the eight municipalities of Las Tunas, to assume tasks in the isolation centers related to the clothing room, the transfer of food and the cleaning and sanitation of premises and surfaces, he pointed out.

The Cuban Red Cross in Las Tunas, which has celebrated the International First Aid Day on Saturday, continues in the first trench of duty responding to the highest values of humanity, volunteerism, unity and universality that each of its members defends.