Las Tunas population decreased in 2020

A total of 533,224 people resided in Las Tunas until the end of 2020, according to information provided by the provincial headquarters of the National Office of Statistics and Information.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Vladimir Amat Moro, director of the entity, explained that there is a decrease of 960 inhabitants compared to the year 2019 and that this trend confirms that in the upcoming 2022 census the population will be less than that quantified in the research done in 2012.

He specified that, when analyzing the trends at the municipal level, it can be affirmed that only the provincial capital grows steadily since in the last eight years it increased by 11,764 residents, with an average of 1,470 per year. Negatively, Jobabo, "Amancio", Manatí and "Jesús Menéndez" are the ones that decreased the most in the period.

The most populated municipalities are Las Tunas, with 213 thousand 869 inhabitants; and Puerto Padre, with 91 thousand 229. The least populated is Manatí, where 29 thousand 349 people live, and it is followed by "Colombia", 31 thousand 811.

Of the total, 270,090 inhabitants are male and 263,134, female. There are 360 thousand 809 citizens in urban areas while 172 thousand 415 inhabits rural zones.

Amat Moro pointed out that, by age group, the population aged 0-14 years continues to decrease and that aged 60 years and over increases, with 111,488 from Las Tunas who have exceeded that age, representing 20.9 percent of the total. As a curious fact, it is specified that 9,193 residents of Las Tunas are over 85 years old.

In Cuba, 2020 closed with 11 million 181 thousand 595 people, 14,270 more than in the 2012 census; but, 11,875 less than in December 2019.