Majibacoa sugar mill concluded the harvest

Despite the systematic low milling due to lack of cane and the great tension generated by the appearance of COVID-19 in some of its areas, the workers of the Majibacoa sugar mill ended the 2020-2021 harvest positioned in third place in the country in sugar production. Only the “Uruguay” and “Antonio Guiteras” colossus, from Sancti Spíritus and Las Tunas, respectively, were able to surpass it.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Although the official figures have not yet been issued, for Víctor Torres González, director of the young industry, the manufacturing must be in the order of 39,500 tons, 68 percent of the plan.

He confessed that among the members of the group regret predominates for not having shone as in previous campaigns; although, in this one, they maintained satisfactory results in the main indicators of industrial efficiency, the generation and delivery of electricity, and the production of derivatives.

Now, Las Tunas only keeps the “Antonio Guiteras” operating, whose workers have expressed their willingness to remain in the field while there is cane to be ground, the climate admits it, and it is economically feasible, according to Rafael Pantaleón Quevedo, representative of AZCUBA (Sugar Group) in this territory.