Military Agricultural Development Project

The Vice Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the Army Corps General Joaquín Quintas Solás, evaluated the progress of the Agricultural Development Project that since March 2020 has come to life in "Amancio.”

"Amancio," Las Tunas.- He learned that, to date, the actions contemplated the rescue of the hydraulic infrastructure of El Indio and the opening of 15 kilometers of trail that allow the access, recovery, and gauging of existing wells, and the drilling of two new ones.

Also, 80 hectares were cleared, of which 20 are planted and the purpose is to complete the 120 hectares benefited by three irrigation systems; the first steps are being taken for the rehabilitation and adaptation of some work objects in the Torres camp.

During the exchange, Quintas Solás indicated the updating of the physical, financial, and technological indicators for new feasibility that adjusts to the scenario of the Ordering Task, and to continue preparing land and planting.

The Agricultural Development Project, in charge of the Military Agricultural Union (UAM), includes the start-up of a feed factory, the installation of a mini-industry, and the sowing of viands, grains, vegetables, and fruit trees in about 5,000 hectares located in the areas of El Indio, San Carlos, and El Junco.

The Army Corps General was accompanied by high-ranking FAR chiefs and officers, Communist Party leaders in the province, and the main political and administrative authorities of the locality.

Founded on April 2, 1990, the UAM focuses its mission on constantly improving the quality of life of the members of the FAR in the food order, through the efficient production of a variety of agricultural products and satisfying the nutritional needs of the troops and the population.