Investment to improve water supply

Piedra Hueca, the main groundwater source in the province of Las Tunas and vital for the supply of the liquid to this city, which has more than 160 thousand inhabitants, is undergoing an investment aimed at replacing the old pipeline of its distribution system.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The works began this month by a brigade of the Hydraulic Resources base business unit (UEB, for its acronym in Spanish); and have as a primary objective to replace eight kilometers of pipes from the central station to Palmarito, where a tank will be placed to drive the water by gravity to the main city of this eastern territory.

With this investment, an important step will be taken to reduce the effects on the supply service to the population, which has been greatly affected by the leaks of the old pipeline, Daniel Rovira explained to the Tiempo21 website, of Radio Victoria.

It was specified that the new 630 millimeters diameter network is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is highly resistant to corrosive agents, ultraviolet radiation, and impacts due to its high weldability and flexibility.

For the next calendar, the investment program contemplates the replacement of another three kilometers in the work itself from the central station of Piedra Hueca to node six in the provincial capital.

Rovira Quiñones also informed that brigades of the entity are working to finish this month the installation of another pipeline of more than three kilometers that will take running water to the communities of Bazarales and Molinet, in the municipality of Puerto Padre, which now receive the service through tank trucks.

The other potent source for water supply to the city of Las Tunas is the Rincón dam, with a capacity of 20 million cubic meters, 12 kilometers from the city.