Thursday, 08 February 2018 11:41

Prevention and Social Care: Essence of the Federation of Cuban Women

Written by Rosa M. Ramírez
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The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in Las Tunas prepares the main lines of work for this 2018 after evaluating the insufficiencies in the past year and laying the foundations for its 10th Congress.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Teresa Amarelle Boué, member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party, and General Secretary of the Federation of Cuban Women, said in a recent visit to the municipality of Puerto Padre that the work with the family should be intensified with more attractive actions to transcend all the generations that coexist at home as a priority for the women's movement.
The member of the Council of State argued that the attention to adolescents will center the actions of the organization. "Although, the work on the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections continues, there are still issues to be exchanged, such as the historical memory, the female voluntary military service, which is an option that facilitates the continuity of studies, among others facilities."
Amarelle Boué referred the intention of expanding the work with the Female Youth Fronts that are constituted in the whole country since August 23rd, for the necessary protagonism of the new generations in the basic structures of the FMC.
Likewise, the organization improves its alliances with the ministries of Education and Public Health, while the delegations and working groups involve women in the updating of the economic and social model.
"Prevention and social care remains the highest priority as the essence of the organization. Define risks of negative behaviors and intervene on them will consolidate the work of the women's movement," she concluded.

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