Subjective deficiencies emerge in the attention of citizens, which threatens the Government credibility

When analyzing the main trends of the proposals made by the population to the Government Bodies of the province of Las Tunas to solve difficulties that hinder their good family and personal development, subjective deficiencies emerge in the attention of citizens, which threatens the credibility of those who have the responsibility of materializing the People's Power, which cannot be just a term at all.

The population does not raise superficial issues that affect them, on the contrary, the problems are very serious, because they have to do with requests for housing, subsidies, plots of land, pensions, social assistance, economic aid, and contracts for liquefied gas, daily difficulties that require the intervention and action of managers or public officials.

Today, the main social problems of the territory are related to these issues, and there are many complaints, for example, about the delay of the Housing System in providing solutions to the victims of meteorological events, or social cases and single mothers with three or more children; about the difficulties in the distribution of water, the prices of food and necessities, among others.

Some of them are due to a lack of resources, however, in many cases, there is a lack of attention and necessary responses to citizens. And although the Government Council assures that in 2022, the results in the attention and solution to the population's concerns were superior to the previous stage, the truth is that at the end of April of this year, there were still many issues to be resolved, due to weaknesses in the effectiveness, professionalism, and sensitivity in the attention, which is ultimately the reason of each Administration Council and public institution in the eight municipalities of the province.

It is urgent that the interviews with the population have more quality, that the investigation processes and the quality of the answers provided be improved, as well as to demand with greater rigor the fulfillment of the terms established and the system of attention to the people, fundamentally of the main cadres at the different levels of management.

The projections of the Government's work in the province clearly state that it is necessary to have greater demands and control of the municipal administration councils in the identification of those entities that have difficulties in complying with the terms and quality of the responses. In addition, they outline to achieve better conditions for the attention to the population in the offices of Puerto Padre, Jobabo, Majibacoa, and "Colombia" and analyze the lack of agility in the answers to the citizens, among others.

Such projections are an inherent part of the work of the Government at all levels because it depends on the performance of those whose duty it is to put into practice the people's power, which cannot become a cold, impersonal term, and on the contrary, it must be at the center of the work of the officials in every day, otherwise, it leads to the lack of credibility of their structures.

Resource problems that slow down the solution of issues that affect people are understandable. What cannot be allowed is inadequate attention to the needs of the citizens, because this only depends on the performance of each public servant, whose primary duty is to carefully attend to each claim and seek solutions for the people.