The G-77+China currently include 134 member-countries

The Group of 77 and China (G77+China) is the largest intergovernmental organization of developing countries at the United Nations and has the objective of enhancing cooperation among its members.

Federation of Cuban Women celebrates its 63rd anniversary

Not only because to remember is to live again every August 23rd, the Federation of Cuban Women(FMC by its Spanish acronym) remembers and celebrates, without complacency, the hour of its founding, which marked a milestone in the history of its members and the homeland.

What are Cuban youth like?

Joy, recklessness, passion, enthusiasm, willingness, and will are usually characteristics of youth; the list would be long if we tried to enumerate everything that encourages the youngest. At this age, which I would say everyone needs according to his or her way of conceiving life, but which undoubtedly also has a biological sign, everything seems possible, so much so that we could ask ourselves what the young grey is not capable of undertaking.

Accidents may cause incurable injuries, if not death.

You put the words "accidents in Las Tunas" into Google, the world's leading and most popular internet search engine, and your heart shrinks. Cuban and foreign websites detail the events. Then, fatally, come the statistics. Does the tragedy end like this, in figures? Never.

Obscene songs, listened to at high decibels, invade the city.

The chords still reach the bedroom when the dawn slips away, even though it is played several blocks away from the house; it has as its accomplice the calm of the night and the extreme passivity of cultural life in this region.