Marking bills is a crime

The indignation of my colleague Freddy Pérez Pérez made me return to "an old issue with a new twist." And I emphasize the term in quotation marks because, as he rightly points out in his manuscript, the anti-patriotism and lack of scruples of some people today seek other methods to attack the Revolution.

"Our people will always defend our socialist revolution"

Sixty years have passed since that historic April 16. The contemporary Cuban context is different. We have approved a Constitution that recognizes the irrevocable nature of socialism in Cuba, but the collective commitment to the continuity of our socialism must be updated day by day.

Our new normal seems the perfect broth to incubate any virus: badly-wear masks (some transparent that can hardly protect from something)

She abruptly invaded the space sitting next to me in the carriage. We are side by side. She put her bags between her legs and a little between mine as well. Once settled, ipso facto, she lowered her facemask. Seconds later, she had a coughing fit, and then another.