A good part of the current ideological struggle has social media as the theater of operations.

I just permanently removed an old acquaintance from my social media contacts. Personally, he did not offend me, nor did he harm me, nor did he attack me, nor did he denounce me as anything. I did it because he disturbed me by the brain mutation that he has suffered since he went "there." Now, it turns out that he is alarmed by the fates of Cuba, he calls its leaders dictators and - God forbid! -, he assures that this untamed and rebellious island will not be free until the Americans invade it.

UN voting result

On the screen of the neat and semi-deserted hall of the United Nations General Assembly, due to the pandemic, the result of the vote on the resolution presented by Cuba was projected, condemning the economic blockade that had been imposed for more than six decades by the United States: 184 in favor, two against and three abstentions.

Tree pruning is essential to prevent risks during the hurricane season.

A severe local storm toppled trees, affected electricity, and caused visible damage to the environment in several municipalities in Havana. This happened on Wednesday, June 16, but in 2008, on September 7, Hurricane Ike wiped out the forest for Las Tunas inhabitants, and more than 80 thousand homes were damaged in some way.

José Martí Plaza

I heard the Doctor of Sciences Pedro Pablo Rodríguez say, in the middle of a conference, that it is a shame that José Martí and the essence of his thought are on debate only on the dates associated with his passage through this world.

Some people misuse the facemask

Life seems normal, at least for many ones. Even at home, I confess, several times I have to warn them to disinfect the footwear before entering, although it is a totally visible zinc trunk. I feel for human behaviors and there are coincidences: practically everyone wears the facemask (some badly placed), but social distancing is very relative, so much so that if we were to add a new style of thought to this century with coined irony, it would be fine "in crowds,” I say.