CARDINAL Transport Company opened an annex classroom for workers training.

For the Provincial Passenger and General Cargo Transportation Company (CARDINAL, in Spanish) Las Tunas, the improvement of its workers was an incentive for the opening of the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering course, which gave its first day of classes last weekend.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- CARDINAL opened an annex classroom with all the conditions for teaching the subjects concerning the study program of the discipline, materializing an agreement with the Faculty of Mechanics and Electronics of the University of Moa.
The first specialty course taught in the province has an enrolment of 30 attendants who will study for five years.

Luis Enrique Arias Peña, director of the Transport Company in the territory, explained the value of training the personnel needed by the local economy and especially the transport sector with the highest professional competence.

He commented that this is part of the efforts that Las Tunas University is making along with the business system to provide the province with the possibility of training its specialized workforce.

The functioning of this classroom is important for CARDINAL because it would improve the company's services by increasing the number of university graduates in its workforce, something that has not been possible in previous years.