In her speech, the President highlighted the importance of investments in key sectors for the country such as education and health

President of Honduras Xiomara Castro stated that the refoundation project being developed by the government is not a slogan, and her political proposal is based on the principles of democratic socialism.

Tegucigalpa.- During a speech on Thursday at the National Congress, the head of state added that her proposal emerged from the heart of the streets and was elevated to political power through a true and clean democratic process. “I am the faithful testimony of the determination of a people to overcome their state of backwardness and poverty that bears the weight of the debt but that, by the majority, has chosen to overcome and build equality and justice without fear,” Castro said in her first intervention before the legislative power.

She recalled that the Honduran people have been hit for years with neoliberal privatizing measures and policies that mercilessly punished them with corruption, violence, and poverty. “Honduras is the poorest and most unequal state in Latin America, the 2009 coup d’état only deepened the system of privileges, the debt increased 600 percent, it went from three billion dollars in 2009 to 20 billion dollars in 2021, while poverty grew exponentially,” she stressed.

The Honduran president affirmed that, without applying new taxes, her Government punctually supports the onerous debt incurred by neoliberal administrations, complying with the commitments of the Republic’s budget.

Castro recognized that the refoundation is not only a task of the Executive but of the entire Honduran people, which is why she extended her hand to all the legislative branches. “Although our ideologies may differ, our love and commitment to the country is one, I unwaveringly invite you to be part of this collective effort for the refoundation of Honduras not as adversaries, but as workers with the task of rebuilding our state of law, our democracy, and our homeland,” she said.

She also explained that the government is reversing the structural causes of inequality, insecurity, poverty, and dependency, and is addressing privileges, monopolies, and oligopolies, as well as public-private corruption.

In her speech, the President also highlighted the importance of investments in key sectors of the country such as education and health. “Investing in education and health in schools and hospitals is not an expense but the smartest and fairest investment we can make for our people,” she emphasized. (PL)