Violence persists in Haiti.

Forced displacements in Haiti worsen the humanitarian situation in the Caribbean country, where violence persists, kidnappings and armed gangs overshadow the lives of the population.

Port-au-Prince.- “More than half of the people currently displaced in the country were displaced in 2023,” the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported in its latest assessment.

In December 2023 the IOM explained that more than 310,000 individuals had to leave their homes, and these figures illustrate the steady worsening of the humanitarian and security situation in the country, particularly in Port-au-Prince.

Recently, the General Director of Civil Protection, Jerry Chandler, admitted that the displaced are living in precarious conditions.

Thousands of people had to leave their homes to seek refuge with relatives, in shelters or public spaces such as squares, churches, and gymnasiums.

Chandler acknowledged that the situation of the displaced is very difficult, as they survive in overcrowded conditions and without basic sanitation, which could lead to waterborne diseases such as cholera, which has already claimed a thousand lives since October 2022.

The International Organization for Migration, the World Food Program, and the Economic and Social Assistance Fund do not have sufficient resources to care for all the victims. (PL)