Dialogue between Iraq and the United States

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani presided over the launch of the first round of dialogue between Iraq and the United States to end the international coalition's mission in the country.

Baghdad.- According to the official account of the Press Office of the head of government on X, military experts will supervise the withdrawal of the international coalition against Daesh, a decade after its beginning in association with the Iraqi armed and security forces.

Following the meeting, the Higher Military Commission will begin its work in three directions: the level of threat posed by Daesh, operational and environmental requirements, and strengthening the capabilities of the Iraqi forces.

Following this review, a specific timeline will be formulated to end the foreign military mission and transition to bilateral security relations between Iraq, the United States, and partner countries.

The Executive leader considered this a significant step in fulfilling the government’s program and the promises made to the Iraqi people.

Al-Sudani highlighted the willingness to achieve a transition towards comprehensive bilateral relations with the coalition member states based on the principles of cooperation and friendship.

Before the meeting, the prime minister chaired an encounter with military and security leaders of the Iraqi armed forces to provide directives on the course of the dialogue and the requirements of the next stage to safeguard sovereignty, security, and stability in Iraq. (PL)