The United States reimposes  sanctions on the Venezuelan gold sector.

The Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies of the Venezuelan Ministry of Economy and Finance, William Castillo, affirmed today that the opponent María Corina Machado is Washington's woman and that they intend to impose her through sanctions.

Caracas.- This is how the high official reacted in his X account when referring to the announcement of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department to modify License 43 of October 18 of last year, which granted permits to the national mining company to carry out transactions for the production and commercialization of gold.

Through this modification, the United States ‘reimposes the sanctions on the Venezuelan gold sector’ and prohibits the operations of the Compañía General de Minería, which were authorized through this license, he indicated.

Castillo underlined that this is the answer to the ratification of Machado’s disqualification and ‘proves without any doubt’ that ‘she is Washington’s woman and they intend to impose her at the point of sanctions’.

The Vice Minister stated that ‘nothing new under the sun’ and that ‘we have a roll of that wick’, and assured that this policy of ‘sanctions has always failed and will fail…’

In another message, the Vice Minister of Economy considered the reactivation of the sanctions against Venezuelan gold as another ‘crass mistake’ of the US foreign policy.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) informed last week of the decisions on a group of political opponents who went to that organ to review their disqualification, imposed by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic. (PL)