2024 Russian presidential elections recorded 77,44 turnout

The recent presidential elections in Russia recorded a 77.44 percent turnout, the highest in the country's history, confirmed the president of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), Alla Pamfilova.

Moscow.- As the official explained this Monday at the CEC headquarters, “So far there are 87,113,127 voters who turned out to cast their ballots. It is an unprecedented participation, which represents 77.44 percent, a record.”

The 2024 presidential elections in Russia were the first in which voting lasted three days, from March 15th to 17th, and included the option of digital voting in thirty regions.

“A three-day election has allowed people to plan their time, their possibilities. Many people who wanted to vote in the past, but did not do it for several reasons, have taken advantage of it now,” said Pamfilova, who praised “the Mobile Voting mechanism, which has allowed citizens to vote wherever they want without being tied to a specific voting point.”

According to Pamfilova, another distinctive feature of these elections was an avalanche of computer attacks. “More than 12 million cyber attacks since the presidential campaign began, 150 times more than usual,” she pointed out, adding that “the West has united like never before against Russia.”

The main target of the attacks was the digital voting website, with more than 420,000 attacks neutralized, Pamfílova mentioned, adding that the electoral authority’s website recorded 19,800 potentially dangerous actions, including 10 DDoS attacks lasting a total of 41 minutes; however, “the system operated normally.”

For Pamfilova, the 2024 Russian presidential elections are a source of pride. “We have shown that we are an independent people who do what they deem necessary for the development of the country, without looking at anyone. We also showed the West that we are united against their position,” she emphasized.

After 99.72 percent of the votes were counted, President Vladimir Putin won with 87.3 percent. His three rivals fell far behind: Nikolai Kharitonov, of the Communist Party, with 4.3%; Vladislav Davankov, from Gente Nueva, with 3.83%; and Leonid Slutski, of the Liberal Democratic Party, with 3.21%.


Russia's Central Election Commission (CEC) informed on Monday that the official results of the presidential elections will be announced on Thursday, March 21.

CEC Chairperson Ella Pamfilova said everything is planned to hold an official meeting of the Commission on the said day at 11:00 hours, Moscow time, where all results will be officially summarized.

“The country is huge; we need time to get the documentation from all places where voting took place. This requires time to calculate everything, so we weighed, analyzed our possibilities, and decided that it will be on Thursday, March 21,” Pamfilova stated. (PL)