Verónica Hinojosa

The actress is revealed as an expressive and sensitive oral narrator. She is Veronica Hinojosa. Her contagious smile reminds us of Guillén, Bola de Nieve or the Watercolorist of the Antillean Poetry (Luis Carbonell)… A woman made of sugar and fire, Cuban to the core.

Teatro Tuyo troupe

The title of these lines seems, at first glance, a sovereign nonsense. But anyone who knows the telluric daily work of Teatro Tuyo surely understands that it is too complicated to ask them to stay home in the middle of a health pandemic and not turn that into pure wonder.

Improviser child from Las Tunas

Six repentismo and tonadas workshops for children, sponsored by El Cucalambé Ibero-American Center of the Décima in different municipalities, defend part of our intangible heritage and constitute vehicles for knowledge and the formation of values.

El Cerro de Caisimú is one of the isolation centers in Las TunasFrom the window of his room, he observes the road to the municipality of Manatí and some passing cars. The small houses, like those of a model, and the trees like those of a painting by Tomás Sánchez. It is not for less, he is in a camping center that for these days saves lives, precisely at the top of the second-highest elevation of the province.

The online concerts offered by performers from the Cuba in recent days to support the government's measures against the spread of Covid-19Hundreds of accounts in social networks, digital platforms, television and radio are currently connected to bring Cuban music from the homes of its creators to the homes of its public on the island.