premioThe narrator and playwright also includes verses in the book as It is time./ The desert remains / in the seams of a suit that I hate./ I continue with Rimbaud, Casal, Éluard. / The grass closing me./ The hair every time more white. / Poetry does not matter, or support. / The rhythm of this carousel (amusement park poem).

tambor folkloreThe Onilé folkloric company has developed a commendable work during the summer in increasing people's interest and knowledge about Afro-Cuban music and dance, through classes and workshops held at its headquarters, the San Pedro Lucumí town hall, in the historic center of Las Tunas city.

As reported its current director, Wilberto Alicio Kindelán, they have had a good reception by the population, because "apart from folklore, we have taught popular dances, casino and others."

bennyCienfuegos, Cuba.— On the occasion of Benny Moré's centenary, the Mecenas publishing house in Cienfuegos, has prepared a volume entitled, Te quedarás: Selección de narrativa sobre Benny Moré, (You will stay, A collection of narratives), which serves as a tribute to the legendary musician and a gift for fans and readers, in the city he loved and around the world, interested in learning about his essence via a diverse group of literary approaches .