barbarito diezLas Tunas, Cuba.- The event will run until December 4 when the 110 anniversary of the birth of the "Golden Voice of Danzón" will be celebrated.

On the first day, the 15th edition foresees a dance in the Cultural Plaza of the provincial capital, with the local Cubaclamé orchestra, which celebrates its fifth anniversary of creation, and other groups will also be present.

locutor4The indication that materialized the creation of the radio was the voice of the presenter flooding the ether. Since then it has always been that way; the arduous production process in radio and television newsrooms only comes to a happy conclusion when the magical connection between the voice behind the microphone and the public that identifies it starts off.

trovaThe magic begins at 9:00 PM and ends two and a half-hour later, although there are those who are motivated and once outside the Provincial Heritage Center, extend the celebration until dawn. It's not for less: getting artists from different manifestations to come together to share their creations in a suggestive way attracts more and more audience, even those outside the sector.

anfora3The capital city still smells of magic. Tricks with handkerchiefs, doves, letters and other sensations return of the hand of their creators to leave us the flavor of the trickery and the mystery of this art. The Ánfora Magic Festival gave the public competitions, shows, entertainments and more attractions with the performance of magicians from most of the island's provinces and countries such as Nicaragua, United States, Costa Rica and Canada.

e4c47f5dc189b5562d46cdbd82ec3d8c LCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel met with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, who is attending the Renaissance Forum in Havana, it was reported here on Saturday.