José Martí is very close for Las Tunas people

The Victoria radio station premiered the documentary Martí and Las Tunas last year. The work belongs to the series "La tacita de oro" by Wílber Antonio Díaz, and is committed to delving into the proximity of the Dos Ríos man with these lands. Since then, the radio material has given what to talk about in university classrooms as in specialized meetings.

Total Theater group

After 2019 of lights and work, the Total Theater group, the only drama company in the province of Las Tunas, designs new presentations and other initiatives for the current calendar. This demonstrates their interest in contributing to culture despite the difficult infrastructure situation of its headquarters, the Blanca Becerra Hall.

Díaz-Canel congratulated students and their teachers for the work they do

President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez interacts with students and teachers at the Cucalambé Professional Art School in Las Tunas

Carmen deserved the 2020 Memoria Viva AwardThe Provincial Directorate of Culture Centers (CPCC) in Las Tunas awarded the Memoria Viva Award (Living Memory) to three prominent cultural expression cultivators in their communities: Carmen Ramírez Álvarez, coordinator of the Raíces de San José Community Project (Las Tunas); Miguel Linch Foy, founder of the group Los Dandys del 50 (“Jesús Menéndez”), and Eddy Miranda Vega, founder and director of the Raíces Soneras group (Majibacoa).

Los Zahoríes Puppet Theatre

The start of important and longed-for projects, obtaining numerous awards, national and international tours, and the restoration of some theater halls, show that the calendar recently ended marked an important milestone for the performing arts in Las Tunas.