Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra

Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra project, which has existed occasionally since 2010, was officially approved in an evaluation carried out at Las Tunas Theatre, with the presence of specialists such as Enrique Pérez Mesa (director of the National Symphony Orchestra and head of the National Commission of Symphony Orchestras of the country) and Mabel Castillo (vice president of the Cuban Institute of Music), among other prestigious officials.

Baire CartayaBaire Cartaya Peña is a promoter of the visual arts, who is passionate about the desire to do. His paintings have brightened up several salons, distinguishing themselves by diverse themes and techniques.

As a result of the meeting, a working group was proposed to improve the system of the sectorCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel held a dialogue with artists and intellectuals on Wednesday in Havana about the music business system in the country and other important issues for that sector, local media reported.

Radio Libertad stationOn February 24, 1940, CMKY Radio Puerto Padre was born from the creative ingenuity of Pedro Zacca Cheda, a Lebanese merchant.

Concert guitarist Argibaldo Acebo

A chord changes you without knowing it, it moves your fibers, and it humanizes you. But if that chord is accompanied by a good soul, of those who cultivate the talent every day with the consecration of the great makers, it acquires greater meaning.