Marcial Flores: The idea is to call on the importance of prevention because there are still people without risk perception.  Among the artists who contribute these days to the entertainment and the overcoming of the people during the necessary social distancing before the threat of the Covid-19 is the graphic creator Marcial Flores González, who also advocates for the welfare of the people from his work as a traffic policeman.

José Martí Plaza

Recently, the architect Domingo Antonio Alás Rosell, one of the most relevant Cuban specialists in this field, author of transcendental works such as the José Martí Plaza and the Unusual House, celebrated his 40th years in the practice of the profession.

Cuban Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture in Cuba is taking new measures in the face of the expansion of the coronavirus to keep art active, support creators and back up the provisions implemented by the government.

Provincial radio station Radio Victoria

The provincial radio station “Radio Victoria” is now a strategic ally in the preparation of the university students of this province in their homes, since last March 23rd the temporary suspension of teaching in all the universities of the country was announced.

Literary Inquiry cultural initiative

The Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac as it is known in Spanish by its acronyms) joins the wave of creators who are socializing cultural initiatives these days through social networks to contribute to the entertainment and self-improvement of people at home, during the social distancing that is currently being undertaken to largely avoid the threat of the new coronavirus.