Artists and craftsmen decorate Cadillac and Las Tunas hotels

The Cadillac and Las Tunas hotels, in this province, show greater comfort and beauty as a result of rehabilitation work carried out during the quarantine by creative groups from different manifestations of the plastic and applied arts associated with the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets (FCBC). 

Papote's House

The “red noses” will surprise us again. A new dream, born thanks to the intention of the National Council of Performing Arts (CNAE), will bring us closer to the clown universe this summer through a novel technique for television on the Balcony Eastern Cuba: the combination of real characters in an animated world, with objects that are also part of the fictional environment. 

Yuri Rojas, Clown Pedacito

I remember when he was part of the Teatro Tuyo theatre company. Just imagining scenes from his performances, my face draws a smile.

The "Sinsonte" improvisers of the Trovemos Corporation in Medellin, Colombia,

Children always find a source of inspiration in the Cucalambeana Fiesta. This time they were not seen running around the grounds of El Cornito, riding a horse or admiring the bamboos that draw the landscape; but they did not miss the online event, and they knew how to impregnate joys.