The Cucalambeana Fiesta honors Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo, known as El Cucalambé

The forum Along the Paths of Song And Verse was developed on Twitter, which became an opportunity to delve into important issues for the preservation of the campesina tradition.

All the trains go through Omaja, by Adalberto Hechavarría

The Catauro de la Décima is traditionally one of the most awaited sections of the Cucalambeana Fiesta. This time, given the circumstances of the pandemic and the online nature of the event, the Organizing Committee decided to divide it into three, in charge of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and the Provincial Book and Literature Center, including the Sanlope publishing house.

The plastic arts always honor the Supreme Guateque of the Cuban Peasantry

On its first day of online celebration, the 53rd edition of the Cucalambeana Fiesta gave Internet users a painting exhibition that portrays the soul of the Cuban countryside in all its splendor and naturalness; a comfort in the midst of a healthcare landscape that invites to reinvent life itself.

Geordanis Romaguera, the winner

The winners of the Justo Vega National Improvisation Contest, one of the most important competitions of the Cucalambeana Fiesta, were announced in the Palmas y Cañas television program, broadcast Sunday night, whose highest award fell for the second consecutive time at Geordanis Romaguera Montes de Oca, from Matanzas.

53rd Cucalambeana Fiesta Online

Coquettish, with the smell of the coffee made in a cloth strainer, she moves away from the hammock. In the necessary time for a rooster to sing, she puts a poppy in her hair and saddles the foal, which with the folds of the dress looks like a huge sea poppy. But she does not leave the hut to go to El Cornito where Juan Cristóbal lived, this time she will connect to the Internet. Homages await her in the form of exhibitions, forums, book presentations, guateques ... And she, the Cucalambeana Fiesta, wants to dream again of the lullaby of tradition.