author from Las Tunas in Havana's Fair

Authors of the province share their texts again in the Fortress of San Carlos de La Cabaña, this time in the framework of the 29th International Book Fair, which takes place in Havana between February 6 and 16.

Guitar concertmaster Elvira Skourtis

Love brought her to Las Tunas, leaving "a Havana" full of professional opportunities. There, she was a member of the Sonantas Habaneras guitar orchestra. But the Balcony of Eastern Cuba opened its doors to her and since then it is impossible to escape the magic that her arpeggios awaken. Her work goes further and flourishes in multiple chores.

Raíces Soneras group

When we talk about culture, that “sun of the moral world” according to Cintio Vitier, we cannot ignore the roots of the traditional popular side in this province, with the development of genuine manifestations in defense of Cuban identity, as is the case of cultivation of our national stanza.