Colombia municipality stands out in environmental protection

The municipality of Colombia will host the central activities in the province for World Environment Day, which is celebrated every June 5.

Colombia, Las Tunas.- Glenys Vázquez Ramos, representative of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (CITMA) in the territory, pointed out the main successes in this field, which have consolidated the work of CITMA and enabled the fulfillment of the objectives of the environmental strategy.

She highlighted "the actions aimed at achieving sustainability and the development of environmental culture in the inhabitants; better results were achieved in the work of the environmental training network; and the spaces of cultural animations increased."

Harmful Plastic (+Photo Gallery)

Velázquez Ramos also praised the enhancement of community work and the links with the university center of the municipality.

World Environment Day 2023 will focus on solutions to plastic pollution, a visible danger that affects every community in the world, where less than 10 percent is recycled.