Journalists from Las Tunas remembers Fidel imprint in the province.

On the eve of November 25, a group of journalists from Las Tunas met at the Casa de la Prensa to “talk about Fidel.” It was not one of those meetings that involve hierarchies and nostalgia; it was just a dialogue between colleagues from different generations who, at some point, were close to him.

Reymundo Betancourt Alvero

Reymundo Betancourt Alvero has traveled in time. He has done it hand in hand with science and perseverance. He has dedicated more than two decades of his life to an investigation into the origins of the place named Puerto del Padre and the evidence of it as Puerto Primado de Cuba (Cuba’s Primate Port). Precisely, the latter is the name of a series of five volumes, sold on Amazon, which should constitute a reference today for anyone approaching the subject.

Late Las Tunas Historian Víctor Marrero.

Great men have always seemed eternal to us, and in a certain way, they are. And even more so when it comes to someone close, who cared about his homeland, he lived in line with that and - in addition - was a good person, one of those more given to books than to pomp and applause.

Headquarters of the Simón Bolívar 12th Column in San Joaquín

The 65th anniversary of the arrival of the Simón Bolívar 12th Column to the San Joaquín properties -that became the epicenter of the rebels in those lands-, was celebrated on October 18 in the large mansion that belonged to the pharmacist Rolando Salgado.

Díaz-Canel highlighted the prowess of the scientists and the health system

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured that his country is living today in a situation of maximum pressure and economic asphyxiation by the United States to fracture national unity and make the revolution collapse.