Chinese inmigrants were particularly oriented towards commerce, the hotel trade, and farming

They arrived from the Asian giant and settled as adopted children in this eastern Cuban region. They did not own large properties or economic livelihoods, but they did have an enormous desire to grow and root their culture and idiosyncrasy in Las Tunas.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people from Las Tunas, Cuba.

Songs and poems broke the calm on Saturday morning in the city of Las Tunas to demand, from the Cultural Plaza, the end of the genocide against the Palestinian people.

The President visited the Antonio Guiteras Feed Factory

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and president of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, is visiting the northern municipality of Puerto Padre. His journey continues what happened last January, when he was in Manatí, and is part of those that he has been carrying out since the start of the year to evaluate compliance with the work priorities outlined for 2024.

Calixto Sarduy Arcia Psycho-Pedagogical Medical Center

"Yoel was a patient who entered at 5 years of age, and with the protected workshops, which is nothing more than the right of his legal guardians to remove him from the center. He signed the necessary documentation that allowed him to get a job and join society, always under the supervision of a guide."

Newspaper 26 launched its Cultural Suplement at Havana's Book Fair 2024

Newspaper 26’s Matarile Cultural Supplement was presented in La Cabaña, in the space dedicated to serial publications, as part of the 32nd International Book Fair, in Havana; the first time this media outlet has launched a product of its own at that event.