José Martí Plaza


One of the most recurrent, but also one of the most symbolic places in Las Tunas is undoubtedly the Plaza Martiana (José Martí Plaza), a symbol of respect and pride of the children of this land for the most universal of all Cubans: José Julián Martí Pérez.

It is not easy, it never has been, being a journalist.

Gabriel García Márquez said that “journalism is the profession that is most similar to boxing, with the advantage that the machine always wins and the disadvantage that is not allowed to throw the towel.”

Journalist Juan Evangelio Morales Agüero.

Juan Evangelio Morales Agüero was granted the Rosano Zamora Paadín Provincial Journalism Award for the Work of Life. His achievements are elevated with this recognition, precisely, when he adds nine lustrums of constant practice of the profession, to which he has contributed so much from this land.

20.4 percent of the Cuban population is 60 or older.
20.4 percent of Cuba's total population is aged 60 and over.

115,794 inhabitants of Las Tunas are classified as older adults aged 60 years or more, i.e. 22 percent of the total number of people living in the eight municipalities, making the province the ninth oldest in the country.

Young females leader Jenifer Brito.

Jenifer Brito Bernal is a true 19-year-old girl proud to have been the youngest delegate from Las Tunas to the 11th Congress of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC).