Water distribution cycles are larger due to difficulties in pumping stations.
Some parts of the city, the lower areas, receive water with a certain degree of consistency, but the higher areas lack this benefit.

When the neighbors of the elderly Mirella Feria Betancourt cried out for water, which had not reached their homes for 21 days through the aqueduct network, she joined those voices to underpin the reality of that lament: now there is water in the dams, but the pumping is failing.

155th anniversary of the beginning of the Ten Years War in Las Tunas.

Three days after Carlos Manuel de Céspedes gave the order to uprise in La Demajagua, Vicente García González summoned his men to the Potrero Hormiguero farm, thus leaving October 13 as the date on which Las Tunas joined the so-called Ten Years War, 155 years ago today.

To protect the archaeological sites identified in the territory should be a priority

Aliec Justo Bosh, a young specialist at the Fernando García Grave de Peralta Museum in Puerto Padre, confessed to 26 that he is passionate about archaeology.

2023 was declared the International Year of Millets

In the province of Las Tunas, millets, an extraordinary cereal that has more protein and fat than many of its congeners, including rice, is almost unheard of. Nevertheless, this crop is beginning to occupy small spaces on the land of some producers.

Hurricane Flora, October 1963.

On 4 October 1963, Hurricane Flora entered Cuba, classified as the second-biggest disaster ever recorded in the country. It moved across the eastern part of the island, making a loop over what are now the provinces of Las Tunas, Granma, Holguín, and Camagüey. The torrential rains caused unprecedented flooding and caused the death of approximately two thousand people and serious material damage.