Major General Vicente García González

What we feel is reflected, unconsciously, in writing. For this reason, handwriting studies are very effective in knowing personality traits, attitudes, and temperaments through handwriting and someone's signature.

Condoms of different flavors and brands are among the products for sale.

The market for sexual objects is making its way into the urban fabric. If you doubt it, explore any page of buying and selling on social networks and you will see statements (not always discreet) that invite you to acquire condoms of different flavors and brands, dildos, vibrators, whips, vaginas... and other related options.

Young businessman Ismel Ángel André Duarte.

Talking to Ismel Ángel André Duarte is a real buzz. He is 29 years old and it is impossible not to be infected by his certainty that he is going to conquer, with hard work, all the prosperity possible.

PhD in Technical Sciences José Marcos Gil Ortiz

Doctor in Technical Sciences José Marcos Gil Ortiz began to walk the corridors of what is now the University of Las Tunas (ULT in Spanish) back in 1974 when Higher Education was just beginning to make its way through these lands and it was voluntarily that teachers gave their classes. He is a teacher and researcher and has been there, contributing to his places, ever since.

Amid this diverse reality, a common desire prevails: that 2024 will be a better year

The new airs of 2024, with yearnings for new beginnings and hopes, leave behind 12 tough months. Not even the most experienced soothsayer could have predicted what we faced between January and December 2023. It was a shaky and untimely year, which left no shortage of debts amidst the siege of economic hardship, the detriment of the purchasing power of income, dwindling production, and the cost of food. Never before has inflation challenged us so viciously.