Róger Leonel Téllez GonzálezLast July, the Council of State, in accordance with the revolutionary postulate of favoring the social reinsertion of persons that were deprived of liberty and taking into account requests from family members, agreed to pardon 2,604 persons sanctioned in Cuban prisons. Many of them, like Róger, are now making possible for them to resume their journey.

Chemistry professor and contestant students trainer, Orestes Landrove RamírezThe name of Orestes Landrove Ramírez is part of the foundations that support the Luis Urquiza Jorge Pre-university Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences (Ipvce) in this city, 28 years as a Chemistry trainer -and 25 of them in the national pre-selection- confirm it. There are many talents molded by his experience, his passion for Chemistry, turned today into excellent professionals with medals in national and foreign competitions.

federicoNot for being repeated every year, the condemnation of the university students of this province of eastern Cuba to the shooting of eight medical students by the Spanish colonialists on November 27, 1871, ceased to be blunt.

evoLas Tunas, Cuba.- The people of Las Tunas has kept abreast of the situation that these days he and Bolivia have experienced. Many inhabitants of this land have left their mark there; both in medical or educational missions and in other collaboration agreements. And so many others, no less courageous, understand how much sacrifice the work of a man like Evo Morales involves.