Melba and Haydée lost no time before continuing their revolutionary work following their release from prison. Photo: Constantino Arias

"With a bloody human eye in his hands, a sergeant and several men showed up at the dark cell where Melba Hernández and Haydée Santamaríaa were held. Addressing Haydée, and showing her the eye, they said: This is your brother's, if you don't tell us what he didn't, we'll tear out the other one. She, who loved her courageous brother more than anything else, answered with dignity: If you gouged out one of his eyes and he did not talk, much less will I."

Peasant women

Vidalina, Martha and Georgina are the maximum expressions of the peasant woman of this century. They know about the color, taste, texture, and smell of food products; they know if the seed is not good or if the water cannot be used, when to sow and when not to do it. They know that nature is a wonderful prize and cannot be stripped away, or run over. They respect and love the earth as their own blood. 

Mercazona app

The online platform for buying and home delivery Mercazona reappeared this Friday with new options and focused on other private ventures in this eastern Cuban province. 

A bioelectric plant will be built in the municipality of Jobabo

The Agroforestry Company of this eastern Cuban province is preparing to take part in the construction of a bioelectric plant that would provide some 133,920 megawatts (MW) of electricity per year from marabou biomass. 

The Cuban Hero Gerardo Hernández met his friend Andy Daniel in Las Tunas

Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, one of the Five Heroes, recently visited this province as the national vice-coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR). He thus settled a debt of gratitude, since there were numerous signs of affection he received from the people of Las Tunas when he was unjustly serving two life sentences plus 15 years in the dungeons of the empire, for defending Cuba from terrorism.