#25AniversarioULT #RetoULT

A challenge mobilizes students and professors of the University of Las Tunas on social networks these days. The call was made by the secretariat of the University Student Federation of the center and is part of the tributes for the 25th anniversary of the institution to be held on May 15.

Celia Sánchez

Celia seems to be in the flight of the subtle, in the extreme delicacy, in the silence. Her image, beautiful and petite, resembles a sigh about to escape. She was all like that, like light, luminous and unattainable.

Etecsa promotes teleworking, complying with the social distancing measures

Yanela Rodríguez Rodríguez does not feel strange working from home now that she has to do so because of the physical distancing measures to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.