This building was the site of the first pharmacy in Las Tunas.
This building was the site of the first pharmacy in Las Tunas.

Between 1903 and 1905, the first pharmacy in Victoria de las Tunas was installed, on Francisco Vega Street, between Colón and Joaquín Agüero, right in the building that today is occupied by several businesses and the headquarters of the Cuban News Agency. 

The first cart for transporting passengers was similar to the current pachangas.

The first cart for transporting passengers that we know of circulated in the then Victoria de Las Tunas in 1903. They say that it had a structure similar to that of the popular pachangas that retrace these lands today, and it was pulled by two donkeys.

Radio Victoria celebrates its 7oth anniversary

5, 20, 30, 35 ... the years go by and could be counted in centuries if we add up those of each worker, the active and the retired or, better still, those who have always worked there. But the most significant thing is not the number but the implicit symbolism, emotional and human, behind each year of work in radio.

Sun and beach, the main destination.

The recently concluded summer season left a bittersweet taste in many families in Tunisia, who, still bruised by the consequences of the paralyzations and the COVID-19 lockout, were looking forward to months of fun in the broadest sense of the word, especially for the children. However, the suffocating heat was accompanied by very high prices, a lack of offers, and a crushing calm in almost the entire stage, interrupted only by a few loudspeakers in "fixed summer areas" that mercilessly tormented the neighbors of these communities at all hours.

Graciela Guerrero died in Las Tunas

Journalist Graciela Guerrero Garay was buried on Sunday in Las Tunas, her city. Let these lines serve as a posthumous tribute and celebration to the great journalist and woman whom we bid farewell to with sorrow.