FMC neighborhood celebration in Las Tunas.

It's nice to feel the heartbeat of my avenue, the vibes of the neighborhood, the strength of my fellow countrywomen. You forget everything. You only see the lipstick and the beautiful outfits on the rows of chairs from where they applauded and sang. A lot of feminine joy for Constituency 123, located in the demarcation of the Popular Council 18, of this capital city of Open Doors.

Radio Tunas was active until nationalization merged it with Circuito and the incipient Provincial Radio System was born.

Las Tunas was one of the first places in Cuba to have a radio station. And, behind each of the radio stations that have been born in this region since that event, an intense history, full of names and anecdotes that mark the dynamics of a unique, genuine medium, capable, like no other, of bringing its voice to the people and telling all the nuances in the first person.

First E-Commerce Fair in Las Tunas.

What is needed to use the EnZona and Transfermóvil digital payment gateways? In this way, the Digital Citizen Innovation Laboratory, of the Innovation Laboratories for the Digital Transformation of the Culture Collaborative Project (CoLab), invited the people of Las Tunas to the first E-Commerce Fair.

Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926.

Birán is once again a word repeated, consecrated, and praised beyond an island and a myth. "13" is not a fateful number, even if it falls on a Tuesday and it is August. The thirteenth day of the eighth month is light in many latitudes of the world and for millions of people. Inside, //"our hearts beat outside"// and //"the wounds that do not heal return//."

Fidel Castro Ruz Center.

Journalist Katiuska Blanco wrote in an article that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution is the root, trunk, and foliage of the nation and humanity; a reserve for the harsh winter, war, or oblivion. This idea of keeping him in mind and looking into his life and work encouraged, in November 2021, the foundation of the Fidel Castro Ruz Center.