Landscape Expo Así tan natural, by artist Wilber Ortega

Wilber Ortega remembers his childhood in constant observation of nature. His curiosity for the environment and the inexplicable delight of discovery created the foundations - without him suspecting it - of the complete landscape artist he is today. Thus, as natural as the name of the exhibition he is currently exhibiting at the gallery of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC in Spanish), he tells 26 about some of the experiences and worldviews that mark his work.

Summer workshops are among the cultural initiatives during the stage

During the summer season, several cultural institutions implement initiatives to attract the public to their facilities and, in unison, contribute to their healthy recreation and self-improvement.

Book on José Martí oratory was presented in Las Tunas.

The presentation of the book "Lira León, La Oratoria de José Martí" was more than the formal act of opening to new readers this thorough investigation of the Doctor in Sciences Carlos Alberto Suárez Arcos, a meeting between amateurs and scholars of oratory and political communication in Cuba.

Representatives  from the Casa de la Décima strengthen ties with partners in Mexico.

A representation of the El Cucalambé Ibero-American House of the Décima, in Las Tunas, has traveled to Veracruz, Mexico, to strengthen cultural ties with artistic institutions of that demarcation.

Epic Fragments collective photo exhibition

In the collective exhibition Fragmentos Épicos (Epic Fragments), we will not find photos with protocol and rigid poses but heroes in everyday, natural, and emotional scenes, where the human values of their protagonists and the creativity of the authors to capture unique moments can be glimpsed.