The rain, although not intense, accompanied the closing of the 27th Book Fair in Las Tunas. An event, far from perfection, but superior to recent editions. 26Digital continued covering the fairground, located on the emblematic Colón street, one of the main achievements of the organizers.

Writer Maritza Batista, from Las Tunas, has just won El Principito Award at the 27th Book Fair, with the text Gaby en París y otros viajes (Gaby in Paris and other trips). María Martínez Trujillo, from Cienfuegos reached a mention with Mis queridos fantasmas (My beloved ghosts).

Saturday, 07 April 2018 22:24

Renowned Novelist Daniel Chavarría Dies in Havana

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Daniel Chavarría, author of a work that revolutionized crime literature in Latin America, died Friday in Havana. He was 84.

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