estudiantes preThe "Luis Urquiza" sows a lot of affection in those who have passed through his classrooms. Among photos and stories of graduates that are renewed every year, you can discover that kind of common soul that this kind of institutions, which have become treasure of Education in Cuba, create. One of the founding principles of these centers is the deepening of the basic sciences and one of the ways to do it is the preparation for the contests of knowledge.

secundLas Tunas, Cuba.- The representation is made up of teachers of that educational level, Yuniorki Castro Mastrona, from the town of "Amancio"; Yesler Feria Mastrona, from Puerto Padre; Roilan Brooks Suárez, of the main municipality and Misleydi García Osorio, head of that teaching in the Provincial Directorate of Education.

6e81dd38dd1c52ab2dda5d48059d0ed1 LLas Tunas, Cuba.- An event of this 2019 that Las Tunas inhabitants will remember is, without doubt, the external evaluation process experienced last week by the house of high studies, in which an expert committee of the National Accreditation Board (JAN) of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) analyzed the main indicators of methodological, research and extension work in the last five years, as well as its current status and the main projections aimed at sustaining and overcoming.

1df09860aadc37ce4bd867cf5891b898 LPuerto Padre, Las Tunas.- Mirna María Muñoz Rivas, in charge of community work in the vicinity joined to the collection of solid waste on the banks of the coast. She spoke to the pioneers about the importance and care of mangroves in the local bay.

primarMore than 1,700,000 Cuban students begin this Monday the 2019-2020 school year, a figure slightly higher than the previous academic course, the Ministry of Education (MINED) reported.